Tale as old as time.  Girl meets boy.  Boy meets dolphin.  They make love Barry White style.  And we have Ric O’Barry to thank for this going public.

If I had been an observer instead of a participant, trying to stop a horny dolphin from rubbing off on my shoes while my girlfriend watched, I would have burst out laughing. On the shore was Elaine, who professed to like me but wasn’t about to let me so much as cop a feel, while out here was Ruby, who would happily screw my brains out but happened to be the wrong species.

Ah, Malcom Brenner’s semi-autobiographical book Wet Goddess, about a boy, his girlfriend on the beach, and his other girlfriend, a dolphin in the water.

But this isn’t about Brenner and Dolly.  This is about JoJo, seen here in this footage from the Oscar nominated IMAX documentary Dolphins:

Now this is where editing content out of a film becomes important to maintain plot and adhere to your audience, in this case a family audience.  Had the actual story of JoJo been included, it would have been about resort developers encroaching on his home and how resort guests enticed a sexually addicted dolphin (aren’t they all) to the point of some female guests letting him mate with them.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re going to show your kids Blackfish, you might as well show them this as well.  From esteemed researcher Patricia St John, here is the other side of JoJo’s story.


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