From Russia with Love . . . and Delays: The Strange Saga of the Really Big Tanks


The city of St Petersberg, Russia, announced last month that it has allocated nine acres of land for the construction of a new oceanarium. Construction will begin in August, with the oceanarium opening around three years later.  The US$96 million project will feature an aquarium, two arenas for performing marine mammals, and six pools for swim with dolphin programs.  But will it open on time?

Marine Gardens Aquarium

Marine Gardens Aquarium

In Moscow, where a large aquarium already is open at the “Rio” shopping and entertainment center, two other oceanarium projects are trying to overcome hurdles.  The “Marine Gardens” Aquarium on Poklonnaya Hill halted construction in 2008 when the Kazakhstan bank financing the project went bankrupt.  According to Russian sources, when Marine Gardens’ owner was accused by Kazakhstan officials of cheating the bank and forcing it into insolvency, the  owner left the country.  Ownership of the construction site has since been taken over by the Russian national bank and it looks as if plans for an oceanarium on that site will be dropped in favor of one with sports and medical centers, including a curling stadium.

This is the other project, the massive Moscow Aquarium currently under construction at the All-Russian Exhibition Center, taken in February:


According to press releases:

The building of the aquarium will consist of underground and ground parts. Underground part, its total area will be 9.68 million square meters, will include the aquarium (about 9 thousand square meters) and the theater of pinnipeds (680 square meters). Dolphin Therapy Center (2 thousand square meters), technical facilities, cafes and restaurants will be located on the top floor. Auditoriums of the dolphinarium can host 2,500 people. Preparatory works have already been started.

Visitors of the largest aquarium in Europe, the aquarium with dolphins can not only entertain, but also get new knowledge and improve their health. Five special pools will also operate for children with special needs. In the educational and entertainment center one will see killer whales and beluga, South American sea lions, sharks, rays and many other species of fish. Visitors will be able to travel around the world and meet the aquatic flora and fauna of Russia, the Far East, China, Southeast Asia and America. Project is developed by a team of professionals, for example dolphins, caught in Japan, will be trained by the Japanese experts.

Moscow Aquarium at the All-Russian Exhibition Center (VVC)

Moscow Aquarium at the All-Russian Exhibition Center (VVC)

Its announced opening is May, 2014.  But will it make the deadline?

On the Eastern coast of Russia sits the city of Vladivostoc, and on an island off that city sits Primorsky Aquarium, a sprawling project of the Russian Academy of Sciences consisting of a research laboratory, oceanarium, and housing for over 200.


The project is currently two years past its scheduled opening date with an estimated cost of half a billion US dollars.  One source has told me the oceanarium will open later this year while another tells me its on indefinite hold.  Meanwhile, the oceanarium’s collection of animals, including seals, walruses, and dolphins have been living in an indoor storage facility, some for as long as two years. The facility’s belugas, two of which were traded to Japan last year for dolphins, have remained in outdoor sea pens for just as long.

In this Russian language news story filmed one year ago, you can see the belugas in the iced over bay.

One of the biggest attractions in Russia not to make its opening date was constructed in Sochi for the Olympic Games, but won’t see a full opening until Summer.  Tomorrow, we’ll explore that project and others like it as we take a look at the surprising experiences that leading themed entertainment design firms Jack Rouse Associates, PGAV Destinations, Thinkwell Group, and Jora Vision have had while master planning theme parks for the emerging economies of Russia, China, and Poland.

It's Pussy Riot. You have to end a story about Russian screw ups with Pussy Riot.

It’s Pussy Riot. You have to end a story about Russian screw ups with Pussy Riot.


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