My Six Rules



Since a few have asked about what governs my writing and research, here are my six rules:

  1. Unless it’s for a professional publication, I freely speak my mind and share my stance.  But I rarely, as with the upcoming post on the Copenhagen lion kills, take an advocacy position.
  2. I talk freely with individuals on either side of any issue.  This is important because there truly are two sides to each issue.
  3. If something is shared with me in confidence, it remains confidential.
  4. If someone, and I don’t care who they are, asks for assistance, I will gladly guide them to publicly available information that either answers their question or guides them in the right direction.
  5. When writing for professional publications and their websites, I remain fully objective.  However, I am aware that articles may be edited to reflect the publication’s stance on issues.
  6. This blog is written in a sarcastic and sardonic fashion to look at issues in different and unique ways.  It’s my intent in many of the posts to piss someone off.  I try to alternate which side I’m targeting if it’s a major issue.  If I piss everyone off with a single post, then it’s a good day that calls for a meal of baghali polo, a traditional Persian dish consisting of lima beans and dill rice.  Of course, I like mine a little more robust with lamb shoulder cubes sauteed in moose fat.

[Note 6/29/14: Rule #6 refers only to those posts ported over from the ThemedReality blog and included under the category SeaWorld/Blackfish Archives.  Due to the nature of their content, newer entries under the category SeaWorld Myths attempt to be fair and impartial to all concerned while using a straightforward approach with presentation.]


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