That’s fin as in the end of something, not as on a fish.

When I was unexpectedly pulled into this whole marine mammal captivity argument 18 months ago, I had no idea how much of an obsession it would become.  It gave birth to this blog and to an entire Facebook group with 400 members.  Many of the people I’ve met along this journey have been brilliant and open to conversation.  Quite a few many more have been, well, quite licentious in their approach.

The whole concept of sea pen sanctuaries astounds me.  I can not fathom why groups, such as PETA and AWI, that advocate for such things, do not go out and build them.  It makes sense to me that if one is suing to remove orcas from a theme park and place them in a sea pen sanctuary, that one would have a better chance of doing so if that sanctuary already existed.  At this point, with marine life parks refusing to hand over their orcas, I don’t see one going into sea pens or returning to the wild from the existing parks over the next five years.  What I do see happening sooner is an activist group purchasing a freshly captured orca in Russia and letting it do the Free Willy thing.

Sometimes I feel that Mid-Caps are like wholfins - aberrations that just should not exist.

Sometimes I feel that Mid-Caps are like wholfins – aberrations that just should not exist.

Sometimes, people need to compromise.  Like with the amendment to the recent Washington House bill banning cetaceans, which now allows rehabilitating cetaceans to be housed in aquarium tanks instead of sea pens, which the original text of the bill restricted rescues to.

But the anti-captivity and the pro-display people aren’t talking.  They each have their own groups of expert scientists (who do talk to each other, but rarely share consensus in the public record), their own group of trainers, and their own group of zealots with their own blogs and web pages.

On both sides, there’s plenty of double speak, exaggeration, and lies everywhere you look.

And I’m leaving all that.*

But that’s not why I’m leaving.  I’m bringing a close to this blog and all my other captivity matters simply because my life is about to go in a radically new direction and I will no longer have the free time to devote to this subject.

If you are linked to me via social media, if you suddenly find yourself unfriended over the next few days, it’s not personal.  It’s simply because my connection to you is limited to the captivity issue.

I want to thank a number of people for the adventure over the past year and a half: Lauren, Kelly, Whitney, Jim, Callie, Sandra, Sy, Eric, Erik, Fred, Erin, Tim, Howard, John, Naomi, Richard, Mark, Bridgette, the other Tim, and everyone else, especially my nemesis Jeremy.

Son of a bitch, I’m sick of these dolphins. – Steve Zissou, The Life Aquatic**


*I will still be blogging from time to time on ThemedReality about the attractions, museums, and zoos.

**I’m not sick of dolphins.  If you thought I was, shame on you.



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